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Commission inquiry Disclaimers


 Sorry, I do not draw or create self portraits unless it is in my unique style.  It's not that I don't want to, but if you commission me to draw humans it'll cost a lot more than a pony commission because I'll need to take extra time to do more human anatomy studies to complete your commission and you'll be agreeing to pay me for that time.



 I am fairly flexible with budgets that apply to larger commissions. 50% is due upfront or before any work is to be started on. If another commission comes in and the 50% deposit is paid before you deposit is paid in full, That work will be placed ahead of yours. I am reasonable, and I will work with you on a payment plan if needed. 

Declined commissions and refunds

 I have a right to decline any commission at any time! (This rarely happens) 

If you are generally easy to work with this may not apply to you. I have never had anybody ask me for a refund in the middle of a commission, however in the event that this happens you'll only receive 50% back depending on the amount of work I have already spent on the artwork. You will also receive anything I did get done since you are entitled to at least 50% of my work even if it is unfinished. 

Under this circumstance you are not allowed permission to post that image in any public forum but you are welcome to stash it privately and use it as a reference in future commissions with other artists if you'd like. Again; none of this has ever happened yet but it's a just-in-case tidbit, better to be upfront and honest than to come by this in the future!


 Time Frame

  Most of the time I can get the commission done in the allotted time we discuss at the time of payment, it's not often that this happens but as we all know sometimes life can throw us some curveballs. If you believe my commission is taking too long you are always welcome to message me or note me to check in on that. Not all commissions are equal, depending on the detail required for your piece, the level of importance and the materials needed, some projects may take longer than initially intended. I will keep you up tp date on the progress and will do my bet to complete all commissioned within the agreed timeframe between us.


Mural times frames can also differ depending on the in. depth works needed to complete it as well as the condition, location, and availability of the square space.

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